Recently, we developed a strategic regional vision for our client Zuyd Hogeschool. The aim of the regional vision is to identify relevant developments and to describe a feasible approach to achieve a better connection between education (MBO and HBO) and the labor market in the Limburg care sector, in order to meet the challenges this sector currently faces. It explicitly concerns an inventory of the “what” and the “why”, not so much the “how”, although the regional vision also makes some concrete, but high-level, suggestions for improvement. The regional vision is based, among other things, on twenty interviews with key stakeholders in the healthcare field in Limburg, varying from educational organizations to care organizations, as well as governments and knowledge institutions. Although the pints of view of the participants in the study appeared to diverge strongly on certain points, the shared core vision is that in improving the connection between education and the labor market in the Limburg care sector, supporting people’s quality of life should be central, instead of merely the provision of care.