Date: 27-10-2020. Aranco supported VISTA College in the development of the Digiwise public-private partnership project. The subsidy application for Digiwise has now been approved by the Regional Investment Fund for MBO! Digiwise is a collaboration between VISTA College (secretary), Gilde Opleidingen, Zuyd University of Applied Sciences and the local (ICT) business community. Digiwise aims to strengthen educational developments in the field of ICT education in implementation and content. The urgency of this has become more visible than ever, especially in the corona crisis. The necessary ICT skills and knowledge become indispensable in almost all professions and functions (from contracting to care workers) in order to continue to participate in society.

Digiwise strives to remain an economically strong and liveable region in Limburg with less staff available in the ICT sector. More specifically, Digiwise’s proposition is aimed at strengthening the ICT courses at MBO levels 3 and 4, for the benefit of both future and current ICT workers. In order to be able to continue to meet the demand from the business community, a paradigm shift in education will have to take place. Digiwise will train new students as well as current employees, within an innovative pedagogical and didactic model.

We wish the project partners good luck with the implementation!