Technological developments in the manufacturing industry are moving fast. This places increasing demands on employees who are directly and indirectly involved in these processes. In addition, the current labor market for technical personnel is very tight and there is a great need for personnel in the technology sector, both nationally and in Limburg. One possible solution to the shortage of professionals is the use of lateral entry projects. Many initiatives are underway in Limburg to lead various target groups through lateral entry programs to a job in the technology sector.

Commissioned by the Limburg Technology Coalition, Aranco has carried out an exploratory study into the status of lateral-entry projects in the technical manufacturing and installation sector in Limburg. Limburg Technology Coalition, Metaalunie, FME and Techniek Nederland and OOM, A&O and OTIB are working together with the trade unions on a joint plan to prepare the technical manufacturing and installation companies in Limburg for future challenges. The exploratory research is intended as preparation for the development of a targeted approach within the Technology Coalition for this. In this exploratory study, the current situation in Limburg was mapped out (snapshot) and recommendations were also formulated for a good integrated approach by the cooperating parties. For a summary as well as the full report, we refer to the following link: