Date: 11/1/2017. On June 30, a number of parties in the Flemish-Dutch border region (with Statistics Netherlands as lead partner) submitted the project “Work Insight” to the Interreg Flanders-Netherlands program. Aranco played a supporting role in this application on behalf of the project partners. The Werkinzicht project promotes the cross-border mobility of the labour force in the south of the Netherlands and Flanders by offering transparency about the labour market in this border region. This is done through an innovative approach to data collection, harmonisation and visualisation through tailor-made dashboards for different stakeholders and target groups. The project aims to reduce the bottlenecks in the current cross-border labour mobility and focuses on developing and exploiting the labour demand and the labour potential on both sides of the border. Only by offering transparency and extensive information can the mismatch between supply and demand on the labour market be optimally tackled. In the meantime, the Supervisory Committee of the Interreg Flanders-Netherlands program has approved the project. The project will start on January 1, 2018.