Date: June 26, 2014.

Major changes are underway in the care and welfare sector, partly due to the three decentralisations in the social domain (youth care, work & income and long-term care). Although the three decentralisations cannot be viewed in isolation from each other, certainly from the perspective of municipalities, the latter decentralisation (with regard to long-term care) was particularly important for the present market research. Within this decentralisation, this specifically concerns developments such as the transfer of the guidance, support and care functions from the AWBZ to the Social Support Act as of 2015 (which means that these functions will therefore fall under municipal responsibility) and as a result the increasing (forced) extramuralisation for people in need of care with lower care severity packages. The aforementioned developments will mean that there will be increasing pressure on the shoulders of informal carers (informal carers and volunteers), and thus also the welfare organisations that support these informal carers.

Aranco was asked to conduct a market survey into the influence of changes in the social domain on the need for (additional) training of informal care providers. For this assignment, discussions were held with both municipalities and welfare organisations, in which the aforementioned decentralizations were approached in an integrated manner as much as possible.

Various options for the client have been elaborated in the market research plan in order to optimally meet the changing social needs.

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