Date: 27-2-2019. On January 24, in the presence of about 100 employers, employees and other interested parties, the official starting shot for the cross-border Labor Market Platform of the Euregio Rhine-Waal was sounded in Burgers’ Zoo in Arnhem. Aranco supported the creation of this platform. Various experts talked about the opportunities, advantages and challenges of working in the neighboring country. In the concluding workshops, the participants were asked to contribute: they were able to express their ideas about the fulfillment of the tasks of the Labor Market Platform. Also see:

The key partners involved in the cross-border labor market in Kleve will shortly sign a declaration of intent for structural cooperation and working groups will start working in the fields of employment mediation, information provision and education to develop and implement concrete action plans.

If there were to be a common and borderless labor market in the Euregion Rhine-Waal, that would be a major boost for the economy, said Hubert Bruls, vice-president of the Euregio Rhine-Waal and mayor of Nijmegen. “This could grow to eight percent. That is why we must aim to make the border disappear further and to remove obstacles. ” The Platform Arbeit / dsmarkt responds to this by striving for a structural and result-oriented cooperation between parties involved from the business community, education and agencies in the field of job placement. All with a common interest across national borders, with a single executive approach and the aim of better labor mobility.