Date: 31.01.2018. The three provinces of the Euregio Scheldemond, as well as the province of Antwerp (B) and the province of Noord-Brabant (NL), appointed IDEA Consult (BE) and ARANCO (NL) to work with the relevant actors in education and labor market policy. arrive at a vision, action plan and cooperation model regarding cross-border labor market policy.

After several intensive workshops with stakeholders involved, the final phase has now also been completed and the report has been completed. The strategy for cross-border labor market policy is built around 4 areas of action “information provision”, “labor mobility”, “education” and “mobility”. This strategy has also been translated into the following 8 strategic objectives with specifically defined actions to be taken per objective:

  1. Increase administrative attention and prioritisation;
  2. GrensInfoPunten further professionalise and anchor it structurally;
  3. Set up a working approach for cross-border job placement;
  4. Editing a “cross-border mindset”;
  5. Coordination of systems and data in function of clear insights, accurate prioritisation and cross-border mediation;
  6. Cross-border education;
  7. Better cross-border mobility;
  8. Periodic monitoring of the results.
  9. The cooperation model that is necessary to implement the actions and the realization of the Scheldt estuary strategy has also been developed.