Public Health in Limburg: the ‘Ph-value of Limburg’

Date: 1-8-2018. Healthcare in Limburg (and the rest of the Netherlands) is currently changing rapidly due to developments such as aging, the increasing complexity of care, technological developments (such as e-health and remote care) and changing visions about healthcare (such as the concept of positive health). The past years, we have been involved in several healthcare related projects. Based on this involvement, we have felt the urge to bring the changes in the sector, and the various good initiatives that respond to these changes, to the attention of a broad public. And there is a lot going on in our region! That is why we will start with a biweekly blog about a public health-related initiative in Limburg or the Euregion, under the title ‘Ph-value of Limburg’. To this end, we are going to talk about with a wide range of interesting people. ‘Ph-value’ is investigative, critical and above all curious. Keep an eye on the LinkedIn page of Aranco and her employees!


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