ompanies and organizations, whether starting or already developed, are constantly confronted with a multitude of questions. How do I develop new business concepts? How do I set up my organization? What funding is needed for a project and how do I obtain this? What is the best location for a new division? Aranco assists in answering these questions by providing business consultancy services, such as the development of business plans, -cases and concepts and conducting market research.

At the same time Aranco also conducts interim management assignments, aimed at:

  • implementing a formulated advice or developed concept;
  • filling a temporary vacancy;
  • accompanying a change process;
  • setting up and executing a project or programme;
  • managing a crisis.

Reference project ‘Business consultancy’:

Development of business plans ‘cross-border labour mobility’, aimed at improving the provision of information to frontier workers along the Dutch-German and Dutch-Belgian border.

Reference project ‘Interim management’:

Interim member of the Board of Directors of ‘Sevagram’ (recovery assignment), a residential and home care organization with 16 locations and a turn-over of € 110 M. This assignment was focused on property problems of the organization.

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