CIV smart industry

Date: 5-6-2019. Some time ago various educational organizations and companies active in the manufacturing industry submitted a subsidy application to the Regional Investment Fund (Rif) MBO for a public private partnership in the smart industry

Traineeship Aranco

Date: 29-4-2019. As of last week, Gregory Aerts has been working as a trainee at Aranco. Gregory will spend the next four months at Aranco working on IT-related assignments, focusing on, among other things, cross-border labor market data and

FoodLab Limburg: subsidy granted!

Date: 25-10-2018. We already reported about FoodLab Limburg, the (training) platform that is being set up for the Limburg food and hospitality sector. Meanwhile, it has been announced that the subsidy application to the Ministry of Education,

Sector plans South-Limburg

Date: 1-8-2018. In the labor market region of South Limburg, several stakeholders have the ambition to develop a common sectoral approach for tackling labor market challenges. The approach will be focused on those sectors that are most promising

Career Event Maastricht University

Date: 12-3-2018. Recently, Aranco was present for the second time at the Career Event of Maastricht University, intended for master students Healthcare Policy, Innovation & Management (HPIM) and Governance & Leadership in European Public