Closure of project ‘Cross-border Information Points’

At a conference on 16 May in Antwerp, the Interreg project ‘Cross-border Information Points Flanders-Netherlands’ was closed. Over the past 3 years, Aranco has fulfilled the role of network coordinator within this project. During this final conference, a first group of 60 advisors received a certificate. With this certificate the advisors can show that they possess the necessary knowledge to inform citizens and companies who want to work or do business across the Flemish-Dutch border. The services of the Cross-border Information Points will be permanently embedded in the border region as of June 1. On one can find the twenty locations at various organizations where GIP advisors offer this kind of service. Official Cross-border Information Points can be recognized by the ‘GrensInfoPunt’ logo, which is used throughout the Dutch border area. A promotional film about the Cross-border Information Points can be watched via the following link:


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